Covid-19 and Your Practice

Med Boss Consulting can help you keep your practice during this difficult time.
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Covid 19 - How we can help

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Why join the Med BOSS Family?

This pandemic is changing the world and how we do business.   Our support services model allows you to see clients using our integrated Telehealth and EHR system and provide the same level of customer service you offered when fully staffed at a fraction of the cost! Something many practices can use today. Our network of physicians and other specialists all work together to provide a distinctive and effective model significantly lowering your costs while at the same time providing better coordinated care for maintaining the health and wellness of your patients.
This new model that has been gaining momentum over the last year, as changes in healthcare have continued to emerge, has lead us to be uniquely positioned to help providers and practices during this difficult time. Med BOSS Consulting can provide a virtual office in or outside of your existing location, can provide your patients with excellent service, manage and process medical records requests, schedule and reschedule appointments, reach out to your patients so they know you are there for them during this time, market for and register new patients, and allow you to have a more profitable practice now and in the future by reducing your overhead costs.
For those brave souls that want to take advantage of the market to start YOUR OWN practice we can help! We provide start up services and overall practice support that allows you to operate at a fraction of your colleagues costs, unless they are a part of the Med BOSS Team already! In some cases, we can even provide you with office space and virtual office staff as well as a regional manager to oversee all your marketing and equipment needs in select markets. Give us a call, we will consider all markets depending on practice size and previous earnings.
Currently we are seeking all medical specialists (Primary Care Physicians, General practitioners, Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, mental health therapists, chiropractors, and more), who want to be or who are already in practice for themselves but finding it hard to maintain their current staff and office in today’s environment.
Do not miss your chance to join our experienced team.
 We will only be on boarding a limited number of providers so that we can insure the best possible service. Our market reach will focus on Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida where we are currently operating but will consider other opportunities. Call us today! 855-285-0888 
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Is Our Integrated Support Service Model Right for Your Practice?

If you could use more support, if you would like to have an increase in revenue, if you want to save your practice, if you want to grow your practice, if you want to provide your patients with excellent customer service and be more responsive to the needs of your patients, then Med BOSS may be right for you!.

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Covid 19 - How we can help