Simplifying Private Practice

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make running your practice easier while reducing overhead costs.

We’re There For You

With over 30 Years of Experience, we bring breadth and depth of knowledge about maximizing your healthcare practice that is unparalleled. Our expertise can benefit you. Find out how.

The Team

We’d like to introduce ourselves in a bit more detail so that you feel as comfortable as possible. Get to know our team. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.

Our Promise

Our highly qualified medical and professional staff will complete any job to your complete satisfaction.

We place great importance on direct contact with patients, and that starts with how we train our staff. We never let theoretical concerns obscure the human at the heart of it all.

Our staff regularly participates in seminars and courses to stay current with the latest developments in the field.

We are versed in many EMR’s or you can choose one of ours!

Our Services

Have a look at the services we offer.

Practice Start Ups & Management

We provide management services for your practice that can help to increase your revenue, reduce your costs, and improve your practice’s overall performance.
Our mission is to make running your practice easier while reducing overhead costs.

Customize EHR/EMR

Med BOSS has the expertise needed in various EMR systems to help your practice transition from paper to digital records, or from current system to a new one. Our transitions are quick and painless. We now have a low cost EHR that works with any specialty and a product tailored to Mental Health Services as well.

Credentialing Services

It has become more important than ever for providers to be networked with insurance companies.
Our experienced credentialing staff are able to get and keep you connected to all of your local plans.
Put our experts to work for you!

Contract Negotiations

Knowledgeable in contract rates and terms, we can quickly assist in negotiating new contracts.
We can help you navigate the challenges of contracting and negotiations to provide you and your practice with the best available rates.

Revenue Cycle Management

Whether utilizing your system or transitioning to our EHR, we can streamline the claims process and improve your profit margin.

Our all in one billing process is top notch.

Call Center Services

Our courteous and professional agents will handle your incoming calls regarding scheduling referrals, authorizations, or general questions leaving you and your staff with more time to focus on patient care.

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