We Provide A Wide Range Of Professional Services Tailored To Meet Your Needs Or The Needs Of Your Practice.

Practice Start Ups & Management

  • We provide management services for your practice that can help to increase your revenue, reduce your costs, and improve your practice’s overall performance.

Business Development

  • From developing a strategic plan to implementing new lines of business, Med BOSS Consulting can help grow your practice.

Claims Processing

  • Whether utilizing your system or transitioning to our EHR, we can streamline the claims process and improve your profit margin. Our all in one billing process is top notch.


  • Med BOSS has the expertise needed in various EMR systems to help your practice transition from paper to digital records, or from current system to a new one. Our transitions are quick and painless.

    We now have a low cost EHR that works with any specialty and a product tailored to Mental Health Services as well.

Call Center Services

  • Our courteous and professional agents will handle your incoming calls regarding scheduling referrals, authorizations, or general questions leaving you and your staff with more time to focus on patient care.

Fax Processing Services

  • Our document handlers will professionally process all incoming faxes, ensuring that you have all the information you need right in the patient record. In addition, if using our EHR you will be alerted of all incoming results require immediate attention.

Patient Statements

  • Whether utilizing your system or our EHR, we can identify patient balances and generate statements. Our low per-statement fee allows your staff to be free to do other activities while we handle this labor intensive process.

    We now have a low cost EHR that works with any specialty and a product tailored to Mental Health Services as well.

Collections Services

  • With no upfront cost, our highly trained and courteous staff are your here to help recover old debts. Patient debt is the most difficult to collect but our staff work with your patients to make the process less stressful leading to greater overall collections.


  • Working with your practice, we will develop an effective and strategic marketing strategy that will target your desired patient population, whether you are an individual provider, medical center, or hospital. We fill waiting rooms!

Website Design

  • Our Web Designers will collaborate with your practice to create a website that will appeal to your patients and provide the information you want relayed to current and future patients. We design this to match current marketing materials or we will help design a full suite of matching marketing tools

    We now have a low cost EHR that works with any specialty and a product tailored to Mental Health Services as well.

Web Hosting

  • Along with our stellar website design services, Med BOSS Consulting offers web hosting for our clients. This makes it easier for us to maintain and update your website on a routine basis as well as ensuring a guaranteed uptime.

Social Media Management

  • In today’s market, a social media presence is extremely valuable. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will be able to convert your social media views into patients. We can help to build your practice’s social media network.


Credentialing Services

  • It has become more important than ever for providers to be networked with insurance companies. Our experienced credentialing staff are able to get and keep you connected to all of your local plans. Put our experts to work for you!

    We now have a low cost EHR that works with any specialty and a product tailored to Mental Health Services as well.

Contract Negotiations

  • Knowledgeable in contract rates and terms, we can quickly assist in negotiating new contracts. We can help you navigate the challenges of contracting and negotiations to provide you and your practice with the best available rates.



Scheduling Services

  • Our Call Center Team will answer your incoming calls in a warm and welcoming manner. Converting callers for information into active patients is our specialty. In addition, if you have outgoing call projects that you need help with, we can make a difference. Efficient use of your time allows you to generate revenue.

Medical Records Processing

Whether requesting medical records or receiving them from an outside facility, our staff will process the requests according to your practice’s protocols and HIPPA regulations. This can be an overwhelming process in any clinic. Ask us about our process!

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